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Lori Antoinette


Street Painting

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What is Streetpainting???

Streetpainting is an ages old art form started in Italy in 16th century.  Modern streetpainting can be traced to Britain where by the 1890s there were more than 500 artists making a living "screeving", "busking", or creating pavement art in London alone.

In 1993, The Lightbringer Project started one of the first chalk drawing events in California with 150 artists in front of Pasadena City Hall.  By 2010, they made the Guiness World Records Book as the largest chalk pavement art event in the world with over 600 artists.  I'm proud to claim their first event as my home base for streetpainting and my initiation into what has become a driving force in my art growth. (Visit the Pasadena Chalk Festival annual event Father's Day weekend at Paseo Colorado, on Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA)

Streetpainting, pavement art, busking, screeving, chalk art, or whatever term you choose is versatile in it's very nature, being a temporary artform, a performance art, if you will.  

Recent years have seen more appreciation for the benefits of streetpainting in so many areas.  Street artists are finding lucrative work in private and public venues, creating personal pieces for parties, business events (such as openings, open houses, sales events, promotions, etc), eateries and stores with now popular chalk board walls, sporting events, and even the Olympics!

Contact me if you think out of the box and have a need for chalk work!  Have chalk, will travel!

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